[Bioperl-l] Re:StandAloneBlast troubles

nick holton nickholton@hotmail.com
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 14:36:54 +1200

Hi all,

I also tried to use standaloneblast on windows98 and it didn't work. I set 
the BLASTDIR to the right place, and it still comes out with the "Blast 
program not found or not executable" warning. So I went hacking, it seems to 
be having a problem with this statement:

  return (-e Bio::Root::IO->catfile($BLASTDIR, 'blastall'));

but makes it through if you get it to check if blastall is there like this:

  return (-e $BLASTDIR, 'blastall');

I tried installing File::Spec to overcome this, but it didn't help.

Then there seems to be a problem in that it doesn't write the "blast.report" 
file. At this point I decided that it would probably be quicker to check 
with the list to see if anyone has actually got standaloneblast.pm to work 
on windows. Anyone got it working on windows?

Nick Holton

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