[Bioperl-l] StandAloneBlast troubles

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Is Chris D. around? I wrote to him at his sonsorol.org address a while back
about getting a CVS account but I haven't heard from him.

Thank you,

Brian O.

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Have you set the environment variable BLASTDIR to point to the directory
where blastall executable is located?  This should be in the documentation
but we probably need to do a better job making it more prominent.

--Volunteers to help improve POD and install documentation are welcomed!--

You can also add the following to your code which should work:

  $ENV{'BLASTDIR'} = 'C:\path\to\blast';

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Ngo, Viet wrote:

> I can't seem to get this module installed correctly -- it keeps saying
> isn't installed on my system, even though it is. I'm running ActivePerl
> 5.6.1 and BioPerl 0.7.1 on a Windows NT 4.0 machine.
> Viet Ngo

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