[Bioperl-l] Bioperl hackathon?

Jeffrey Chang jchang@SMI.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 15:39:44 -0700

Great!  Everything helps.

The ISMB website says August 3-7, 2002.


At 4:32 PM -0600 8/6/01, Nathan Torkington wrote:
>Jeffrey Chang writes:
>>  That said, I'd like to echo other people's concerns that cost will be
>>  an issue.  It's an issue for me and likely for other people in
>>  Biopython and other projects.  A lot of us are doing this work on our
>>  free time.  Making time to attend a hackathon is tough enough (but
>>  can probably be justified), but finding resources to fund it is
>>  nearly impossible...
>At O'Reilly we're working out how to do it as part of the
>bioinformatics conference.  Our goal is to make it as cheap as we can
>for bio* hackers to attend can, with the proviso that we can't pay
>your hotel or travel.  If you can get to the conference (and as I said
>before, there will be ways to do that with minimal expense) then
>you'll be able to get to the hackathon.
>While I have your attention--we have choices for dates for next year's
>Open Source convention.  Are there dates yet for ISMB in 2002?  We
>don't want to clash with that again!