[Bioperl-l] extra rel. 1.6 suggestion

Nathan S. Haigh N.Haigh at sheffield.ac.uk
Thu Aug 23 20:32:12 UTC 2007

Quoting Sendu Bala <bix at sendu.me.uk>:

> Chris Fields wrote:
> > Maybe the best way out if this is a variation on something that was  
> > suggested before, which was 'splitting' the code into groups.  What  
> > if we set up a way to automatically gauge test coverage,  
> > documentation, etc.?  If I remember correctly Nathan had something  
> > running at one point which did this.
> You can generate this yourself by doing
> ./Build testcover

What I did was to patch Devel::Cover to include JavaScript to allow soring of the results by clicking a header in the table. This way, it was easier
to find those modules with poor POD coverage, and any other coverage metric. The developer(s) of Devel::Cover are introducing this into their next
release, ut who knows when that release will be. I could provide a diff, but we may be able to check out Devel::Cover from cvs/svn until the 0.62 is

> Mauricio was going to sort out having this run daily with the results 
> displayed on the website... Mauricio?
> The major 'annoyance' is that the coverage results don't get generated 
> if any test fails. But they shouldn't be failing anyway ;)
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