[Bioperl-l] problems accessing cvs and ftp

Malcolm Cook Malcolm.Cook@ppgx.com
Tue, 10 Apr 2001 15:16:54 -0700

Is there someone I can talk to about problems connecting to bioperl via cvs
and ftp

When I try and connect to cvs, I get connection refused, as follows:

>cvs -d :pserver:cvs@cvs.bioperl.org:/home/repository/bioperl login
>(Logging in to cvs@cvs.bioperl.org)
>CVS password: cvs
>cvs [login aborted]: connect to cvs.bioperl.org:2401 failed: Connection

When I try and ftp my connection is closed, as follows:

> ftp
ftp> open
 (to) bio.perl.org
Connected to bio.perl.org.
530 Peer has closed connection

I  am able to connect to cvs and ftp from another computer outside my
companies firewall.

However I am also able to ftp to other sites easily from inside my firewall.

So, I don't know if it a firewall issue or what, and this is not my area of

If it helps:
I just tried both these things a few minutes ago (it is now  Tue Apr 10
14:51:26 PDT 2001).
I'm trying to connect from my machine
the public address for ausfire.austin.ppdi.com, my firewall and ftp proxy
server  is

Thanks anyone?

-Malcolm Cook