[EMBOSS] Emboss Wrapper for Mac OS X

Rudy Aramayo orbitus007 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 16:44:32 UTC 2008


My name is Rodolfo Aramayo, I have written an application that wraps  
Emboss as well as any Unix application for the Mac. It will ONLY cover  
the Apple side of the spectrum (Mac OSX Leopard and higher)

We distribute Task assignments to a computer with the AppleScript  
language allowing us to manipulate all the beautiful functionality of  
the Emboss package, including NCBI Blast, from scripts.

This application is a generic wrapper tool for all Unix applications.  
It allows us to control the Emboss and/or other Bioinformatics Unix  
applications. With this tool we have also incorporated the ability to  
communicate with an XGrid (distributed computations), this is a way to  
send messages to every computer on an "XGrid" network (using  
AppleScript scripts of course) so that you can get a simple cluster of  
computers to perform a large task. For example, we distribute a local  
Blast search of entire genomes amongst an XGrid and collect each  
result into a single machine.

Apple also has a powerful Automator Workflow feature (a wrapper for  
AppleScript), this allows users whom do not have any AppleScript  
experience to script with the modular components the application (like  
reading in data, or blasting data) with graphical drag and drop  
modules of the application.

In this manner we have written iBioCAD to be presented at WWDC 2008,  
that is the Apple World Wide Developers Conference. Look for us soon.  
The product is NOT ready and we are still developing, we will be  
completing most of this project and I will be displaying a scientific  
poster regarding the structure of the application. Lets build a great  
wrapper to graphical display bioinformatics to the world, together.

-Rodolfo Aramayo

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