[EMBOSS] Kaptain GUI for EMBOSS 5.0

Thomas Siegmund siegmund at develogen.com
Wed Feb 20 08:49:25 UTC 2008

Dear list,

I'm happy to announce a new version of the Kaptain user interface for EMBOSS. 
EMBOSS.kaptain v.0.98 provides a simple and efficient GUI to use EMBOSS 5.0 
and the embossified Phylip 3.6b on the desktop. 

The GUI depends on Kaptain, a tool to build nice graphical user interfaces for 
command line applications like EMBOSS. Kaptain is a Qt3 application. Due to 
problems with it's configure script it got more and more difficult to install 
on recent systems. To address this, and to make Kaptain a little more 
future-proof I have ported it to the modern cMake build system and to Qt4. A 
patch and build instructions are in the EMBOSS.kaptn package. 

You can find the package, some screenshots, and additional information as 
usual here:


For Mac users Koen van der Drift provides a fink package at:


Qt4 is availible under various open source licenses for Windows as well. Thus 
with Kaptain on Qt4 it may be possible to build and use the Kaptain GUI on 
that OS as well. 

Have fun


Dr. Thomas Siegmund
DeveloGen AG
Manager Bioinformatics
Phone: +49(551) 505 58 651

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