[EMBOSS] Database too lare for dbifasta

ajb at ebi.ac.uk ajb at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jul 18 07:45:24 UTC 2007

Hello Ravi,

For files >2Gb you should use the dbx* applications for indexing e.g.
dbxfasta. It is likely that dbifasta in EMBOSS 4.0.0 just appeared
to work for large files but that entries past the 2Gb limit would
not be correctly retrieved.



> Hello,
> I am trying to index a large fasta file using dbifasta. He file is 18+GB
> in
> size. Indexing with dbifasta was working fine with EMBOSS-4.0.0. However,
> with 4.1.0 or 5.0.0, it complains that the file is 'too large for DBI
> indexing. Any suggestions other than switching back to 4.0.0?
> Thanks,
> Ravi
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