[EMBOSS] Antwort: How to modify a program?

David.Bauer at schering.de David.Bauer at schering.de
Mon Sep 4 05:54:01 UTC 2006

Anything in ajax and nucleus is incorporated in the libraries libajax and
So you must rebuild/reinstall  theses libraries.
Just run a 'make install' in the top emboss source dir and this will
rebuild the modified library and your application.
The make utility looks at the modification time of the files so it will
recompile only those which have been changed.


emboss-bounces at lists.open-bio.org schrieb am 31/03/2006 17:04:32:

> Hi,
>      I am new to Unix system, so sorry if it is a too simple question.
> I need to modify the DIGEST  program (\EMBOSS-4.0.0\emboss\digest)
> to change some rules for trypsin digestion. The part of the program that
> I need to modify is in another program (EMBOSS-4.0.0\nucleus\embprop.c).
> After modify the embprop program I compiled with gcc and got a embprop.o
> file. But when I ran the DIGEST program it still give the same results
> didn't
> change. Are there some steps that I missed?
>      Thanks a lot for your help!
>      Regards,
>      Tao
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