[EMBOSS] Question about make use of multiple fields indexing by dbxfasta or dbxflat

Jon Ison jison at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Sep 4 13:13:38 UTC 2006

Hi Jean

The short answer is, by adding extra fields, all programs that
read sequence(s) would benefit from increased flexibility in
how sequences may be specified on the command-line.

You can read about how to specify sequences using the Uniform
Sequence Address (USA) model here:

(look under "The Full USA syntax")

If any applications absolutely required certain indexing then that
would be mentioned in the application documentation, accessible via:



> Hello,
> I need to index swissprot data file from uniprot.org. They have two formats : fasta and flat available. I understand I
> can specify fields to be indexed. And there are more fields can be specified if using flat file with dbxflat. However,
> I am not sure how many programs in EMBOSS package will be benefit from specifying extra fields other than acc and id
> except 'seqret'? Could someone let me know how to find the answer? Thanks you very much in advance.
> Jean
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