[EMBOSS] Installation

Joerg Muehlisch jmuehlis at uni-muenster.de
Tue May 10 09:40:46 UTC 2005


I knew it would be a very simple silly mistake..., but I could not find it. 
Know having the compiler installed in fact it works working fine. I just 
remember the last time I installed there was a SUSE specific compiler that 
was not called gcc and was not found by configure, so I remember I had to 
introduce it as recommended in the script and this time I chose CC= cpp, what 
is obviously wrong.

So I am very sorry to bother you with a simple problem like that. 
May be it would be a good idea to add these hints for the "users" wanting to 
install emboss on SUSE 9.2:
1. Install xdev package xdevel (not to find with xdev in Yast)
2. Install gcc (in former versions of SUSE this was standard)
3. Set a path variable for the libs in /usr/locale/lib?, because:
wossname: error while loading shared libraries: libnucleus.so.0: cannot open 
shared object file: No such file or directory
What would be the correct place to define that?
I know this is more linux than emboss question, but as a simple user...

I hope that anybody can help me with this last point, so that I will be able 
to work with start working with emboss again.
I d like to thank everybody who is helping with this software, as it is very 
useful to me.

I thank everybody for the help and apologize for the inconveniences.

Jorg Muhlisch

off topic:
I m just used to work with SUSE... so it is the easiest way to me.

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