[EMBOSS] output of program "digest" as input for program "pepstats" ?

Ulrike Kaule ulrike.kaule at gmx.de
Wed Aug 24 20:22:11 UTC 2005


I'm a new user to emboss.
Within a Taverna-Workflow I want to digest a protein-sequence first with 
the emboss-program "digest" and to use the output of "digest" - the 
seqtable with the fragments - as an input for further sequence-analysis 
programs. So the resulting fragments should be analysed by pepstats or 
iep. But I have problems with the connection of these programs, because 
the output of "digest" is not accepted by the other programs as input. I 
thougth to solve this problem with using "seqret" between "digest" and 
"pepstats", but this doesn't work.
Is there any solution to extract the protein-fragments produced by 
"digest" and to use them as input for other programs?

Thank you in advance


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