José R. Valverde jrvalverde at cnb.uam.es
Fri Apr 22 08:20:58 UTC 2005

I'm trying to find out ways to fund EMBOSS in a way that I can
justify locally.

Mac users are a growing 'market' and a promising community. I've got 
here hundreds of Macs, and they need an easy to use, install and
manage solution.

What is needed (they tell me) is a good editor, and some interactive
graphic facilities for common, simple tasks. Actually, locally, we are
going to spend a significant amount into buying a handful of licenses
for commercial software.

I've tried Erik's CD, but it has some drawbacks regarding the configuration
on non-user-managed Macs (as those where root belongs to a central
authority): Here they can install software but not make modifications.
I can't either, being on the SciComp side and not on the Offimatic

I don't have the resources to do that locally, but would welcome a
sensible way to fund it (like buying 'licenses', packages, CDs or
manuals from an EMBOSS-centered company).

I for one would certainly welcome a Macintosh edition ready to run,
and easy to configure to use central databases. If I were to chose,
I'd try to add those facilities to Jemboss (a sequence editor, and
interactive drawing of clones and molecular graphics). This is the
most lacking thing in EMBOSS now that every user has or can have a 
UNIX machine at their desktop.

And, certainly, I would happily recommend locally that we buy a 
hundred+ licenses at a reasonable price if that would help
fund EMBOSS.

Most ideally, something like the LiveDVD from AT.EMBnet.Org but for
Macs would be a candy. And an easy to justify buy.

Any recommendations? Takers? Pointers?

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