[EMBOSS] ModBioSQL release 0.12

Tamas Hegedus hegedus at biomembrane.hu
Thu Jul 15 18:31:11 UTC 2004

Dear All,

during my work I had to use RDBMS and EMBOSS.

I collected my scripts and experiments into a package called Modular
BioSQL, which has different features:
-- Modular RDB realization of different biological databases allows
   fine-tuning with increased performance.
-- Storing result sets in RDBMS allows more accurate, more comfortable
   analysis using SQL.

-- User interaction with the RDBMS (installation, loading up and querying
   data) does not need programming skills.
-- Light weight RDB interaction with analysis packages (only EMBOSS is
-- Optimalized loading of flat files into the RDBMS.
-- Using 'fixed value arrays' (*_ref tables) results in both smaller data
   size (smaller than the flat file) and smaller index
   size increasing the performance (theoretically both the uploading and
   querying performance).
-- Relatively easily extendable to implement and handle databases other
   than the currently realized.

You may think I suggest Modular BioSQL as a replacement of BioSQL. I do
not think so! For details, please visit my web site, and send
comments and suggestions:

Best regards,

Tamás Hegedűs, Research Associate      | http://www.biomembrane.hu
Membrane Research Group of             | mailto:hegedus at biomembrane.hu
Hungarian Academy of Sciences          | tel: 36-1-3724317
H-1113 Budapest Dioszegi u 64, HUNGARY | fax: 36-1-3724353

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