Mutiple alignement of blast results

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You can try to use our new experimental server of BlocksBlast and 
Phyloblocks written by our Luke Ulrich.

1. BlocksBlast:

After you'll Blast your sequence you are given an option to select 
sequences and submit them to Phyloblocks directly from Blast (a standalone 
server for PhyloBlocks is at :

It will allign the sequences using Clustalw and also give you a tree from 
which you can create the subsets using color coding of the clustal tree. 
You can send  selected sequence groups to BlockMaker (Henikoff's ) to 
create HMM profiles, concensus sequences  and alignments specific to the 

We will very much appreciate your comments about these tools. A paper 
describing these tools should be out shortly

Natalia Maltsev

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>Hi all,
>I am looking for a program (preferably for unix or Mac) that does a 
>multiple alignment of a blast result. There used to be Mulblast 
>( but it 
>doesn't seem to work anymore with the last blast outputs.
>Does anybody have any idea on the subject. This could be a nice and useful 
>EMBOSS program.
>Thanks for any help.
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