Mutiple alignement of blast results

Jean-Christophe AME ame at
Wed Mar 5 15:44:25 UTC 2003

Hi all,
I am looking for a program (preferably for unix or Mac) that does a 
multiple alignment of a blast result. There used to be Mulblast 
( but it 
doesn't seem to work anymore with the last blast outputs.

Does anybody have any idea on the subject. This could be a nice and 
useful EMBOSS program.
Thanks for any help.

Jean-Christophe Amé, PhD
U.P.R. 9003 du CNRS - Cancérogénèse et Mutagénèse Moléculaire et 
École Supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg
Pôle API
Boulevard Sébastien-Brant
67400 Illkirch

tel.: 33 3 90 24 47 05
Fax.: 33 3 90 24 46 86
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