EMBASSY program suites

Sebastian Bassi sebastian.bassi at ar.advantaseeds.com
Wed Jan 22 23:12:03 UTC 2003


> On the other hand, some packages like Phylip are usable on
> their own, and IIRC I've never needed to install EMBOSS to
> have a usable phylip installation. What is the purpose of
> having phylip as an associated app? How is this phylip
> different from the one provided by the author?

AFAIK, the "original" phylip comes with a text based menu and is aimed for an interactive use. But the "embossed" pyhlip runs as a command line program without any user input requested (you have to give all option using command line). Appart from that, the "embossed" programs supports the same input file format as EMBOSS.
That's what I think, I'm not really sure (I always used phylip as a stand alone program, without EMBOSS).

Best regards,
Sebastian Bassi

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