Antwort: EMBASSY program suites

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Wed Jan 22 19:17:43 UTC 2003

+----[ David.Bauer at SCHERING.DE <David.Bauer at SCHERING.DE> (22.Jan.2003 15:41):
|    Hello Fernan,

Hi again,

|    Example: sim4

Now that you mention sim4, the following web page does not
mention anything about it:

According to this page there are only 4 EMBASSY apps ...
and EMNU is now 1.0.5 instead of 1.0.4 ...

Should I follow what I see at the FTP site? If I'm getting
it right there are now 8 EMBASSY apps.

Also, do I need to download Jemboss separately
( from the ftp site) I see that
EMBOSS-2.6.0.tar.gz includes a jemboss subdir already.

Thanks again,



F e r n a n   A g u e r o

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