Preferred isoschizomer ?

Guy Bottu gbottu at
Mon Apr 14 17:07:45 UTC 2003

from : BEN

	Dear colleagues,
A user of BEN complained about a serious problem with restrict/remap. He could 
not find the site for PstI in a sequence, where the "wet work" showed the enzyme 
did cut. He lost a lot of time because he thought he had made an error, while 
the reason was that the program reported the isoshizomer BspMAI. 

Now, in the Rebase we see :

So, PstI is clearly identified as the prototype enzyme. Yet, when restrict is 
requested to report only the "preferred" isoschizomer, it does not report PstI, 
nor even the first in the file (AinI) or the last (YenEI). Does someone 
understand the cause of the erratic behaviour ? And did noone else suffer from 
this "feature" ?

	Guy Bottu

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