Jalview and Jemboss

Morgane THOMAS-CHOLLIER thomas-c at esbs.u-strasbg.fr
Mon Apr 14 08:58:21 UTC 2003


I use jemboss as a standalone server on MacOS X and also need to use Jalview.

The problem is that when I load my multiple alignement as a fasta file,
there are no colors on the display. I tried to change the colors but it
stays gray.
Also, it takes a long time to display the alignement and to consider any
change made on it.

I have more than 60 sequences ont that alignement, could it be that I go
out of memory ?
Does anyone as a idea to display the colors ?
Or another way to install and run Jalview on MacOS X ?

Thanks a lot for your help.

DESS Bioinformatique et génomique
ESBS - ULP Strasbourg

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