Preferred isoschizomer ?

ableasby at ableasby at
Mon Apr 14 18:17:54 UTC 2003

1) If your colleague had explicitly said  -enzymes psti
   on the command line (or equivalent GUI) then it would
   be found. The output would be overly verbose if all
   isoschizomers are reported so as a compromise it reports
   only one.

2) If you take the emboss files from the REBASE (NEB) distro
   then, after renaming and putting them in data/REBASE, it will
   probably report PstI (haven't tried it). I arranged with NEB
   that they would provide only the 'common' REs in their files.
   I believe this is what some other packages do. Using REBASEEXTRACT
   on the withrefm file gives all the REs.

3) You can equate any reported RE to another by adding an entry
   into embossre.equ   e.g.
   BspMAI PstI



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