Emboss Expert System

Shibl Mourad shibl at seqbio.com
Wed Oct 30 16:13:08 UTC 2002

Dear EMBOSS user,

We are currently developing an expert system that will complement EMBOSS.
As there are roughly 200 tools packaged within EMBOSS alone, the task to
locate the 'right' tool, especially if you are newcomer to the
bioinformatics field, can be overwhelming.

Our expert system, openExpert, aims to simulate the 'question and answer'
conversation one would have with a bioinformatics 'expert' -  but minus
their presence and wage.  Although it is currently populated with only the
EMBOSS suite, we aim to broaden the knowledge base of openExpert to
encompass all known bioinformatics tools.

We are looking for 5 EMBOSS users to review the system.  The review should
not take more than 30 minutes of your time and it would be of great value to
us.  If you are interested, please email shibl at seqbio.com.  If you would
like to try openExpert without providing a review, please indicate so in
your email and we will provide with free access.

Help us make openExpert a valuable expert system for bioinformatics.

Thank you,

Shibl Mourad,
Sequence Bioinformatics

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