emboss in cygwin

clwu newgene at bigfoot.com
Thu Oct 31 17:43:06 UTC 2002

Hi, group,
           I am new to group. I tried to compile EMBOSS under 
win2K/cygwin but I failed. EMBOSS website at HGMP mentioned that
"Richard Bruskiewich and Simon Kelley at the Sanger Centre have 
succeeded in compiling EMBOSS under Windows NT using the CygWin package. 
The resulting executables have been tested but not thoroughly enough for 
a release. Contact Richard Bruskiewich for more information. ". But I 
can not follow the link in this page to get help.
          Does anyone have the successful experience on this? Are there 
pre-complied executables for cygwin available, even part of those 
standalone programs? That will help me a lot.

Thank you in advance.


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