Uma Maheswari uma at avesthagen.com
Fri Aug 16 06:37:45 UTC 2002


Iam using emowse program in EMBOSS to search a protein database for matches
with the mass spectrometry data.

When this database is just a few protein(100 seq) in fasta format it works
fine. but when I do the same over nr database I get an error message 

	"An error has been found: Sequence is not a protein"

I downloaded the nr database in fasta format.(all the seq. in a single
file)  then used csplit to split it into indiuvidual file with the common
prefix and ran the prog. as follows. 

Input sequence(s): pro*
Input file: b8
Whole sequence molwt [0]: 
Output file [baa92411.emowse]: 
   An error has been found: Sequence is not a protein

(note:'pro' is the common prefix for all the protein database sequence)

What can I do to avoid this error? Is there any other way to create he
database for the same.

Thanks in Adv.
Uma Maheswari

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