Re: Antwort: emowse!

Uma Maheswari uma at
Fri Aug 16 09:00:35 UTC 2002

hai David!

I think you are right! I just downloaded the swiss prot and used that as 
database for emowse ....and it works!

Uma Maheswari.

> Hi,
> I had sometime problems with other emboss programms (database indexers)
> and the nr database.
> When the database is made non-redundant, an entry which is more than
> one time in the original databases gets all the headers of the original
> sequences fused to one header line.
> The original fasta headers are then joined with a Ctrl-A.
> This binary character within the fasta header line may confuse emowse.
> It's just an idea. I may be completely wrong :-).
> David.


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