Pattern lists and fuzz(nuc|pro|tran) and [pd]reg

Henrikki Almusa henrikki.almusa at
Mon Jun 21 10:54:36 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 16 June 2004 13:38, Peter Rice wrote:
> Henrikki Almusa wrote:
> > Acd would need propably new file type, patlist. It should be defined in
> > the programs acd file, whether the pattern is regex or prosite. This
> > would allow the reading (and compiling the patterns) in acd command.
> ... or we can define a knowntype attribute for the string that says the
> program will accept a pattern (of some kind) or an @file. That avoids
> defining a new ACD type, but can still be used in GUIs and web
> service/workflow wrappers to validate the pattern.

Sure. Then parsing the file needs another function.

	type would be ajint

How about the rest? If good, any existing ajax file to use or new?

Henrikki Almusa

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