extractfeat.acd: strange quoting

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Jun 4 16:51:02 UTC 2003

Peter Ernst wrote:

> a help string in extractfeat.acd is using un-escaped quotes (").
> (parameter -decode)
>  help: "To aid you .... '/gene="BRCA1"' associated .... label"
>                               ^^^   ^^^
> It seems, that EMBOSS can somehow handle this. Also "acdvalid" doesn't
> complain.
> Concerning strings in ACD, now I have the following two questions:
>   1.) How EMBOSS detects the end of a quoted string ?

A quote at the end of a word. The "' stops EMBOSS finding this one.

>   2.) Is this a valid acd string or not ?

No. I will add a test for internal quotes - to all ACD processing.

> And a general question:
>   3.) Wouldn't it be nice to have beta releases before final releases?

We usually test and release, but an interim beta could be useful 
sometimes - especially for GUI developers of course.

>       I didn't know how close we are to a release date and therefore I
>       also didn't know, that I have to check W2H for compliance with
>       2.7.0.

Let us know what other problems you have - especially anything we can 
trap in acdvalid to make your life easier.


Peter Rice

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