extractfeat.acd: strange quoting

Peter Ernst P.Ernst at dkfz-heidelberg.de
Wed Jun 4 16:43:35 UTC 2003

Hi emboss-dev,

a help string in extractfeat.acd is using un-escaped quotes (").
(parameter -decode)

 help: "To aid you .... '/gene="BRCA1"' associated .... label"
                              ^^^   ^^^

It seems, that EMBOSS can somehow handle this. Also "acdvalid" doesn't

Concerning strings in ACD, now I have the following two questions:

  1.) How EMBOSS detects the end of a quoted string ?

  2.) Is this a valid acd string or not ?

And a general question:

  3.) Wouldn't it be nice to have beta releases before final releases?

      I didn't know how close we are to a release date and therefore I
      also didn't know, that I have to check W2H for compliance with

      Now I found two problems in W2H ...

      I guess these problems could have been solved before a release
      .... (sorry I can not monitor the CVS version all the time).

Kind regards,


 Peter Ernst
 Department of Molecular Biophysics - B020
 Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (German Cancer Research Center) DKFZ
 Im Neuenheimer Feld 580 / Technologiepark 3
 69120 Heidelberg, Germany                     phone: +49-6221-42-2330
 http://genome.dkfz-heidelberg.de/               fax: +49-6221-42-2333

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