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Asmann, Yan Ph.D. asmann.Yan at
Thu Jun 5 13:58:00 UTC 2003


I have installed the EMBOSS2.7.0, and tried to index databases using dbifasta. I found that when database size is over 2GB (e.g. est_human... etc), dbifasta will give EMBOSS An error message as following: 
" in embdbi.c at line 295:
Cannot open ./est_mouse for reading"

I remember for version 2.2.0, there wasn't any error message for over-sized DBs, the dbifasta would start indexing but an "fragmentation fault" will happen later. 

Has anyone had the same problem for 2.7.0?  Is anyone working on modifying dbi* programes for DBs larger than 2GB? 

Thanks, Yan 

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