Report format

Peter Rice pmr at
Fri Dec 5 12:38:29 UTC 2003

Henrikki Almusa wrote:

>>Perhaps type:value%n.n=columnheading
> Might be good to make it possible to add space within there. Eg. column 
> heading. Possible ways could be either allow type:value%n.n='column heading' 
> or add tag_delim to report, which defaults on space or whitespace.  

Spaces are tricky - for parsers that read the output.

I prefer column_heading (or ColumnHeading)

Any other comments on this?

>>Do we need more column types?
> Perhaps name/id tag. Can't figure out much else.

Are they different to "str"?

I noticed in checking 2.8.0 that "rstr" works as a right-justified 
string. (str is left justified, anything else is right-justified. 
Perhaps we should structly check the tag types (anything is allowed in 

>>Do we need a way to define the "standard" tags - to change them or to
>>exclude them (excluding could be done with qualifiers, changing needs a
>>tag syntax)

> This might help. For example 'cusp' could be adapted if the sequence and start 
> and end points could be dropped. Perhaps this can be done in some report 
> format, would need to check.

Will do. We can put the -norstart and -norend qualifiers (see below) 
into the ACD report definition.

> I think there is those '-noscore' etc which do similar thing. Of course all 
> "standard" tags then need to be named and added to there.

Yes, will do. Have to check for any report formats that may be strange 
without specific tags (they can,of course, ignore the qualifier)



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