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Henrikki Almusa henrikki.almusa at
Fri Dec 5 13:46:06 UTC 2003

On Friday 05 December 2003 14:38, Peter Rice wrote:
> Henrikki Almusa wrote:
> >>Perhaps type:value%n.n=columnheading
> >
> > Might be good to make it possible to add space within there. Eg. column
> > heading. Possible ways could be either allow type:value%n.n='column
> > heading' or add tag_delim to report, which defaults on space or
> > whitespace.
> Spaces are tricky - for parsers that read the output.
> I prefer column_heading (or ColumnHeading)
> Any other comments on this?

I just don't like ThisTypeOfCapsing much. But i can live with it, no problem.

> >>Do we need more column types?
> >
> > Perhaps name/id tag. Can't figure out much else.
> Are they different to "str"?

Ah, right, understood it then wrong and your right, no dirrefent.

> I noticed in checking 2.8.0 that "rstr" works as a right-justified
> string. (str is left justified, anything else is right-justified.
> Perhaps we should structly check the tag types (anything is allowed in
> 2.8.0!)

And perhaps put some documentation into web :). There is quite little 
knowledge on what can be done with report that i could find. 

Henrikki Almusa

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