Starting EMBOSS apllications without an input file...

Brooks Mark brooks at
Tue May 8 12:25:20 UTC 2001

There is also the possibility that I'm just not doing it correctly!
OK, so I'll bite the bullet and expose my (small) effort for perusal.

Perhaps my segfault is down to the way I initialize the translation

If I comment out the embInit and ajExit lines, then I get the segfault,
otherwise things work. Is embInit required to initialize the TrnTable
objects or something? gdb tells me something is wrong there.

foobar.c and foobar.acd are attached (hopefully)

Thanks in advance for any help,


(The program has had problems sending the output to stdout- I only
see the output on my Mandrake 8.0 box inside vim (!),
(i.e. :!./foobar
Enter a DNA sequence:

Your sequence was:
MMM << These lines
MMM << only appear within vim!, 
The problem seems fixed on a Suse 7(ish) ESRF internal
distribution here though. I guess this is unrelated to the real issue

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# SEQRET application

# use "" for missing values - these are required.
# values in "" are trimmed to single spaces.
# everything is treated as single tokens delimited by white space
# (space, tab, newline)

# GWW 15 Feb 1999

appl: rubbish [
	doc: "Copy Sequences"
	group: "Plaigirism"

  seqall: sequence [
	param: Y
	type: protein

  seqoutall: outseq [
	param: N
	ext: "peptide"

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