Starting EMBOSS apllications without an input file...

Peter Rice peter.rice at
Tue May 8 08:08:08 UTC 2001

Brooks Mark wrote:
> Two of us here are  wondering how one could use the libraries (nucleus
> and ajax) without having an input file, and preferably without an "acd"
> file corresponding to the program (although this isn't really
> necessary).
> In my initial attempts I tried to avoid "embInit" (don't laugh!), but
> the program would just segfault, whereas it would work as soon as I
> replaced embInit back into the program.

As Alan says, just a simple ACD file with appl and no other ACD types would
be fine - you can then safely call embInit, and the application will have
one line documentation and be assigned to group(s).

If the GUI application needs some command line option(s) then you can
easily add them to the ACD file.

I am curious which function(s) segfaulted. I assume something went wrong
with uninitialized internal variables when you tried Ajax or Nucleus calls.
Can you send some sample code that crashed?


Peter Rice

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