[DAS2] styles

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Sat Jan 28 00:48:04 UTC 2006

I've got a first pass at DAS2-like stylesheet data.  It still needs
some work but I think it's a decent first pass for feedback.

Short description:

Both a "feature" and its "feature type" have a new <STYLE> element.
Here are several examples

   <BOX height="10" fgcolor="blue" bgcolor="cyan" border_width="1" />
   <LABEL />

   <EX height="5" width="5" />

   <LABEL fgcolor="purple" font_family="helvetica, sans-serif"
     font_size="8" text="r"/>

<STYLE fgcolor="black" bgcolor="transparent">
   <BOX height="10" border_width="1" bgcolor="blue" />
   <LABEL font_family="sans-serif" font_size="large"/>

There are many glyph types.  They fit into two categories;
"text" and "non-type".  Only one glyph is a text glyph and
that's the "LABEL" element,

I think the STYLE should have at most one text element and
at most one non-text element.  Right now I allow any number
because the DAS1 spec wasn't clear and I have no experience
with it.

I don't quite understand where the text for the label comes
from.  The DAS1 spec had two possible sources:
   the <STRING> element of the style (used in the sample stylesheet)
  if the <LABEL> value is true then label the glyph by the name in
  the <FEATURE> from the DASGFF document.
Is this the same as the feature name or the feature type name?

But like I said, I think this can wait until the sprint.

I am missing the "NOTE" field.  Should that be in the
type?  Or a property of the feature?  DAS1 allows 0 or
more notes.

					dalke at dalkescientific.com

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