[DAS2] stylesheet question

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Fri Jan 27 15:18:15 UTC 2006

I'm adding the DAS1 stylesheet information to the spec.
I don't want to change the data model that much.

I have a few questions about the existing DAS1 stylesheet.

In the text glyph definition there is a <STRING> element which
I assume is the string to use for  the label.  There is also a
<LABEL> attribute, which if "yes" says

     Whether the glyph should be labeled with its name, as dictated
     by the <FEATURE> label attribute in the DASGFF document.

I thought that meant either the label is given in the stylesheet
or the label comes from the glyph name.  But there are examples in
the sample_stylesheet which say

       <TYPE id="primer_left">

What happens in this case?

I noticed the section "Glyphs and Groups"

> Glyphs and their attributes are typically applied to individual 
> features. However, they can be applied to entire groups as well (via 
> the <GROUP> type attribute). In this case, the glyph will apply to the 
> connecting regions between the components of the group.
> For example, to indicate that the exons in a "transcript" group should 
> be drawn with a yellow box, that the utrs should be drawn with a blue 
> box, and that the connections between exons should be drawn with a 
> hat-shaped line:
> <CATEGORY id="Transcription">
>    <TYPE id="exon">
>       <GLYPH>
>          <BOX>
>             <BGCOLOR>yellow</BGCOLOR>
>          </BOX>
>       </GLYPH>
>    </TYPE>
>    <TYPE id="utr">
>       <GLYPH>
>          <BOX>
>             <BGCOLOR>blue</BGCOLOR>
>          </BOX>
>       </GLYPH>
>    </TYPE>
> <CATEGORY id="group">
> <TYPE id="transcript">
>    <GLYPH>
>       <LINE>
>          <FGCOLOR>black</FGCOLOR>
>          <LINE_STYLE>hat</LINE_STYLE>
>       </LINE>
>    </GLYPH>
> </TYPE>
> ...

Does anyone support this?

Should be be supported in DAS2?

If so, where does the between-feature style information go?

					dalke at dalkescientific.com

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