[DAS2] updated DAS/2 spec files

Lincoln Stein lstein at cshl.edu
Mon Apr 25 22:07:01 UTC 2005


I've done a chunk of work on the das2_put.html update document. I would be 
happy to migrate this over to Andrew's templating system, but I'd like to 
know where I can get the TRANG and JING jar files so that I can run "make."  
Is there anything else I need for the Python part of the conversion?


On Thursday 21 April 2005 11:11 pm, Andrew Dalke wrote:
> I've updated the spec in CVS.  Here are the changes:
> - folded in the various changes I brought up last month
> ("PROPERTY-LIST" -> "PROPERTIES"; RFC dates -> ISO dates; etc.)
> Lincoln said yes to all the changes.
> - results of the template file are now saved to "das2_get.html"
> Given what Steve said today this means the web site should be
> updated to this version next time the cron is run
>   - added a README describing how the spec is made from the
> template.
> Note: You can edit the spec directly as a normal HTML file.
> The templating language I use is ZopePageTemplates (also
> called "TAL") which extends HTML only through attributes.
> This are ignored by browsers so if Gregg wants to modify
> things, go right ahead.
>    - checked ZopePageTemplates and ElementTree into CVS
> under the das/das2 directory.  These are Python libraries
> used by the template processor program "convert_template.py"
> I checked them in so anyone can assemble the template from
> that directory doing either
>    make
> or
>    python convert_template.py das2_get_template.py das2_get.py
> I have verified that you can build the final "das2_get.py"
> from the template file on the open-bio machine "pub.open-bio.org"
> using the current setup.
> NOTE: If you change the RELAX-NG RNC files you'll need
> to rebuild the RNG and DTD files, and you'll need to
> configure the TRANG variable in the Makefile to point to
> your local copy of trang.  I did not attempt to make this
> easy for someone who isn't on a unix machine.  On unix
> the dependencies are rebuilt as part of the normal "make"
> NOTE: If you want to run the schema validation regression
> tests you must set the Makefile's JING variable to your
> local copy of java and jing.  Then you can do "make verify"
> 					Andrew
> 					dalke at dalkescientific.com
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