[DAS2] updated DAS/2 spec files

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Fri Apr 22 03:11:54 UTC 2005

I've updated the spec in CVS.  Here are the changes:

- folded in the various changes I brought up last month
("PROPERTY-LIST" -> "PROPERTIES"; RFC dates -> ISO dates; etc.)
Lincoln said yes to all the changes.

- results of the template file are now saved to "das2_get.html"
Given what Steve said today this means the web site should be
updated to this version next time the cron is run

  - added a README describing how the spec is made from the

Note: You can edit the spec directly as a normal HTML file.
The templating language I use is ZopePageTemplates (also
called "TAL") which extends HTML only through attributes.
This are ignored by browsers so if Gregg wants to modify
things, go right ahead.

   - checked ZopePageTemplates and ElementTree into CVS
under the das/das2 directory.  These are Python libraries
used by the template processor program "convert_template.py"
I checked them in so anyone can assemble the template from
that directory doing either



   python convert_template.py das2_get_template.py das2_get.py

I have verified that you can build the final "das2_get.py"
from the template file on the open-bio machine "pub.open-bio.org"
using the current setup.

NOTE: If you change the RELAX-NG RNC files you'll need
to rebuild the RNG and DTD files, and you'll need to
configure the TRANG variable in the Makefile to point to
your local copy of trang.  I did not attempt to make this
easy for someone who isn't on a unix machine.  On unix
the dependencies are rebuilt as part of the normal "make"

NOTE: If you want to run the schema validation regression
tests you must set the Makefile's JING variable to your
local copy of java and jing.  Then you can do "make verify"

					dalke at dalkescientific.com

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