[DAS] Help me help you

Jordan Dimov jdimov@cigital.com
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 12:51:40 -0500 (EST)


  I'm interested in joining your project for the purpose of getting
involved with bioinformatics.  I'm coming from a mathematics and computer
science background.  More specifically, I'm an undergraduate student
looking to get some publications out before I apply to grad school.  Could
any of you give me any suggestions as to what aspects of the project I
should look into?  I have a few years experience with Perl and I'm
learning Ruby.  I also have experience with generic mathematical
modeling, and I've worked 2 years in the software security consulting
world.  I don't have any experience with bioinformatics, and that's what
I'm hoping to change by joining you guys.  

  I wrote a simple stand-alone DAS reference and annotation server in
Ruby.  It's working but not complete at the moment.  You can download it
from http://cis.clarion.edu/~jdimov/bio/

  TIA for your help

  -- Jordan