[BioRuby] BOSC abstract due

Moses M. Hohman mmhohman at northwestern.edu
Sat May 27 04:05:49 UTC 2006

Hi Jan,

On May 26, 2006, at 3:37 AM, jan aerts (RI) wrote:

> Before the meeting and to be able to realize/demonstrate those  
> examples,
> some things have to be done:
> * getting some bugs out (e.g. the proxy-problem for users behind
> proxy's...)
> * more documentation:
> ** of the classes themselves: I'm trying to do one or two every week,
> but start bumping into those that I have no idea about what they do or
> how they work. Therefore, we'll need people to document those as well
> (or have elaborate examples, so I can figure out what they do.)

I'd be happy to help with the documentation effort if you'd like. Is  
there a way to let each other know which we're working on?

Who's working on the proxy problem?


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