[BioRuby] BOSC abstract due

jan aerts (RI) jan.aerts at bbsrc.ac.uk
Fri May 26 07:37:16 UTC 2006

I _completely_ agree with Toshiaki's suggestion: bioruby would benefit
most by having more people using it. That means that impressive but
easy-to-do examples are key.

Before the meeting and to be able to realize/demonstrate those examples,
some things have to be done:
* getting some bugs out (e.g. the proxy-problem for users behind
* more documentation:
** of the classes themselves: I'm trying to do one or two every week,
but start bumping into those that I have no idea about what they do or
how they work. Therefore, we'll need people to document those as well
(or have elaborate examples, so I can figure out what they do.)
** although bioruby in anger is very usefull, users would probably
benefit from more elaborate examples as well (including the impressive
ones). First thing I actually always do when using BioPerl, is check out
the HOWTO's.


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> If you could have another talk on integration of Rails or 
> some typical/impressive applications using BioRuby, it would 
> be very nice.
> Other Bio* projects sometimes presented several talks in the 
> past BOSC meeting, so if we could have two or more 
> talks/lightnings this year, it may imply expansion of our community.

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