[BioRuby] BOSC abstract due

jan aerts (RI) jan.aerts at bbsrc.ac.uk
Fri May 26 07:58:37 UTC 2006


Something I didn't mention in the other post: it might be important that
users have a feeling of what lives within the bioruby group, i.e. what
the developers and big users are musing about. That might help them to:
* understand the history of how things are built
* give them an idea of what might be coming up in bioruby
* get and idea on ways that bioruby can be used
* gives them the feeling that something is going on

An example of the third point above: I just bumped into ActiveRDF, and
am wondering if that could be used sensibly with bioruby. If that turns
out to be true, it might be interesting for other people using bioruby
as well. Even if no actual classes would have to be written (which would
mean that there would be little documentation for this bioruby/activeRDF

Would a blog be too far-fetched or cumbersome? (Sorry: just thinking out
loud. (Which actually might be a good thing.))

Jan, the-pondering-one

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> I _completely_ agree with Toshiaki's suggestion: bioruby 
> would benefit most by having more people using it. That means 
> that impressive but easy-to-do examples are key.
> Before the meeting and to be able to realize/demonstrate 
> those examples, some things have to be done:
> * getting some bugs out (e.g. the proxy-problem for users 
> behind proxy's...)
> * more documentation:
> ** of the classes themselves: I'm trying to do one or two 
> every week, but start bumping into those that I have no idea 
> about what they do or how they work. Therefore, we'll need 
> people to document those as well (or have elaborate examples, 
> so I can figure out what they do.)
> ** although bioruby in anger is very usefull, users would 
> probably benefit from more elaborate examples as well 
> (including the impressive ones). First thing I actually 
> always do when using BioPerl, is check out the HOWTO's.
> j.
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> > 
> > If you could have another talk on integration of Rails or some 
> > typical/impressive applications using BioRuby, it would be 
> very nice.
> > 
> > Other Bio* projects sometimes presented several talks in 
> the past BOSC 
> > meeting, so if we could have two or more talks/lightnings 
> this year, 
> > it may imply expansion of our community.

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