[Biopython-dev] [Bug 1816] Error when importing GenBank file into BioSQL database

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Wed Mar 14 18:34:27 UTC 2007


------- Comment #9 from mcolosimo at mitre.org  2007-03-14 14:34 EST -------
I meant the change in leading spaces, which is only cosmetic.

I put my initals in the code for my usage so that I knew what I touched. So,
they can be removed. In the change log, I think it should be keept (or add the
bug # that these fix).

(In reply to comment #6)
> Minor commentss on patch 594 (which I have only read)):
> Did you mean to change the number of leading spaces in this string:
> "  FROM reference JOIN dbxref USING (dbxref_id)"
> versus:
> " FROM reference JOIN dbxref USING (dbxref_id)"
> You've used a mixture of "MEC" and "mec" tags on some comments - your initials?
>  Personally I would avoid this... I initially assumed it was a three letter
> acronyms for something biological.

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