[Bioperl-l] dependencies in emboss.pm

Yoshiro Nagao ng999 at yahoo.co.jp
Fri Mar 7 09:10:53 UTC 2014

First, please let me apologize to you for this primitive question about installation (if there is more proper mailing list for this sort of question,
please let me know one).

I tried to run the following tutorial script on my Ubuntu 12:


Since Bio::Factory::Emboss was not installed in my Ubuntu,
I downloaded and installed Bio-Emboss- from

Then, I modified the aligntutorial.pl as in:

use lib "/home/usr/Bio-Emboss-";
use Emboss;
#use Bio::Factory::Emboss;

However, when I ran the aligntutorial.pl, another error message
  Can't locate Bio/Emboss/Methods.pm

Perhaps, I 'installed' the emboss very wrongly.

How can I install the emboss module nicely, so that
I do not have to rewrite the aligntutorial.pl or modules, or 
whatever other scripts on the GitHub site?

Sorry for the silly question.


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