[Bioperl-l] How to retrieve info about whether a Seq is a partial or complete CDS

Christopher Goddard cgoddard at flmnh.ufl.edu
Wed Jan 28 22:31:48 UTC 2009

Thank you.  I was finally able to figure it out.  I'm a bit embarrassed 
to say this, but the problem was that I was not specifying the database 
to query when I did the get_Stream_by_query() call, and it was returning 
results from a database without that coding sequence completion 
information in the definition.


Jason Stajich wrote:
> where is the information in the genbank record (as a text file)?
> -jason
> On Jan 28, 2009, at 10:02 AM, Christopher Goddard wrote:
>> I need to determine if a Bio::Seq object returned from GenBank by a 
>> Bio::DB::GenBank->get_Stream_by_query() call is a partial or complete 
>> coding sequence.  This information is given in the description for a 
>> sequence when performing a search on Entrez.  However, using the 
>> method desc() for the sequences returned doesn't relay this 
>> information, at least not all of the time.  If someone could point me 
>> in the right direction on where I could retrieve this information I 
>> would be really appreciative.
>> Thanks
>> Chris
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