[Bioperl-l] First cut svn repository [was Re: SVN and ...Re: Perltidy]

George Hartzell hartzell at alerce.com
Tue Jun 26 20:21:30 UTC 2007

Chris Fields writes:
 > [...]
 > It looks like George Hartzell may be taking a crack at it, with  
 > Rutger Vos, Nathan Haigh, and moi helping out where needed.  If so we  
 > could have something testable relatively soon.  After that we'll need  
 > to work out a few other issues, basically what's on Hilmar's list.

There's a repository on file:///home/hartzell/bioperl with all of the
components projects in place.

If you have a dev.open-bio.org account and you're in the bioperl
group, you're good to get at it via:




There are a couple of things to think about:

  - how are we going to provide access.  I *think* that I heard a
    decision to use http:// and https://.  Who gets to set that up?

  - what do we want to do about keywords.  The cvs2svn tool guesses
    and automatically sets the svn:keywords property to Author Date
    Revision and Id on many of the files in the tree.  If it looks
    like it got it right, we can stick with it.  Or, we can disable
    that conversion and I've cribbed a little script that'll grep out
    files using Id and set the svn:keywords property accordingly.

  - what do we want to do about svn:ignore?  I haven't seen any
    .cvsignore files.

Beyond that, how does the repo look?

How are we going to cut over?

Are we going to try to push svn commits to the read-mostly CVS repo,
or just keep it around for history's sake (I lean towards the latter).


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