[Bioperl-l] SVN and ...Re: Perltidy

Chris Fields cjfields at uiuc.edu
Mon Jun 18 14:24:00 UTC 2007

On Jun 18, 2007, at 8:26 AM, Sendu Bala wrote:

> Chris Fields wrote:
>> If so it may be better to allow https, though I don't know how  
>> Chris  D. and others feel about it.
> If it makes no difference to me as an end-user, I won't mind. But I  
> won't want to enter my password even once, at the beginning of a  
> session. If that's not possible with https, then ssh should be an  
> option as well.

Aaron pointed out in a related post that https access is the  
preferred option behind a corporate firewall (svn prompts for proxy  
user/pass, then caches it).  Not sure how Jason/Hilmar/Chris D. feel  
about https or supporting both https+ssh.


>> Did we make a decision as to the fate of cvs if we get svn up-and-  
>> running?  Keep it around (assuming svn commits would be carried  
>> over  to cvs and vice versa)?  Or see what happens over time?
> Well, I don't think hard decisions are possible until we know how  
> its going to work in practice. I tried setting up my own svn  
> repository once, but didn't keep it and can't remember much about it.

Agree; we'll need to work out specifics once we know how things work  
out using cvs2svn.  I think the idea is to test using a smaller  
distribution (maybe network or db) and move up from there.

> So, I suppose we'll play it by ear and decide things later. Is  
> someone out there actively doing something leading toward a  
> demonstration of how it will be?

George Hartzell is going to test it out, I believe, and will post  
something when he can.


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