[Bioperl-l] SVN and ...Re: Perltidy

Sean Davis sdavis2 at mail.nih.gov
Sat Jun 16 11:21:47 UTC 2007

Chris Fields wrote:
> I'll help out to the extent I can w/o having the SVN know-how.  We  
> need (as Jason points out) someone who can detail the benefits and  
> maybe keep an updated journal on the wiki.
> I believe at least one or two of the other Bio* contemplated moving  
> over to SVN, which may be worth checking out.
The bioconductor project is on SVN.  The project includes over 200 
packages (the equivalent of perl modules) with something around 150-200 
ACTIVE developers.  They also have a build system for several OSes that 
operates on a cron-like system with builds of several versions 
approximately daily.  Their system is running at something like revision 
30,000, so they have significant experience.  If anyone would like 
technical support, I can certainly ask the folks maintaining their site 
if they can give some input.  Let me know if anyone would like a contact 

As for access, the typical access is over http (or https).  Access 
controls can be set up on the server side while allowing anonymous 
access for checkout.  There are many excellent SVN for every OS, so that 
should not be a problem. 


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