[Bioperl-l] Graphics help

Jonathan Crabtree crabtree at tigr.ORG
Fri Jan 19 12:52:41 UTC 2007

Hi Kevin-

One simple workaround for this problem is to increase the value of
-pad_right (by an amount based on the font size and longest expected label.)


Kevin Brown wrote:
> So, I'm almost done with this script I've been writing and wondering if
> there is a way that when a graphic is created if the Key for a given
> track could be prevented from being chopped off.
> I created a graphics panel and since the length of these genomes are
> fairly long I sliced it up into smaller sections which I then combine to
> make one map with each slice stacked below the previous (like reading a
> book).  What I would love is if on any given panel that the features on
> the right hand side not get their labels cropped.  I've attached an
> example panel that shows what I'm looking at.  The primer name at the
> bottom as well as the CDS names on the right of the panel are cropped,
> but the CDS on the left aren't.  Is there an option I can feed to the
> panel to prevent this cropping?
> Currently I create the panel with:
> my $panel  =
> 		  Bio::Graphics::Panel->new(
> 						-length    => $length,
> 						-key_style => 'between',
> 						-width     => 768,
> 						-pad_left  => 10,
> 						-pad_right => 10,
> 						-offset    => $start,
> 						);

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