[Bioperl-l] Graphics help

Kevin Brown Kevin.M.Brown at asu.edu
Thu Jan 18 20:23:04 UTC 2007

So, I'm almost done with this script I've been writing and wondering if
there is a way that when a graphic is created if the Key for a given
track could be prevented from being chopped off.

I created a graphics panel and since the length of these genomes are
fairly long I sliced it up into smaller sections which I then combine to
make one map with each slice stacked below the previous (like reading a
book).  What I would love is if on any given panel that the features on
the right hand side not get their labels cropped.  I've attached an
example panel that shows what I'm looking at.  The primer name at the
bottom as well as the CDS names on the right of the panel are cropped,
but the CDS on the left aren't.  Is there an option I can feed to the
panel to prevent this cropping?

Currently I create the panel with:
my $panel  =
						-length    => $length,
						-key_style => 'between',
						-width     => 768,
						-pad_left  => 10,
						-pad_right => 10,
						-offset    => $start,
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