[Bioperl-l] Cleanup of BioPerl distribution website

Mauricio Herrera Cuadra arareko at campus.iztacala.unam.mx
Sun Sep 17 02:33:17 UTC 2006

Nathan & Chris,

I've taken a look into Bioperl.ppd and it uses bioperl-1.5-ppm.tar.gz 
which according to the ppd file corresponds to the 1.5.0 release, so I 
renamed Bioperl.ppd to Bioperl-1.5.ppd and moved both of them into 

I've also edited all ppd files in 'old_releases' to modify their 
CODEBASE HREF's to the new locations. Copied package.lst into 
'old_releases' and modified this also.

The original package.lst in 'DIST' was copied to package.lst.old as a 
backup, so I could edit the first one to reflect directory moves. Also 
generated new signature files for both directories.

Please take a look and tell me if all of this changes make sense.


Chris Fields wrote:
> There was a post on list recently about problems using the newer PPM  
> GUI that comes with ActivePerl 5.8.819 (it wanted to downgrade all  
> installed prereq modules already installed).  I haven't tried it  
> myself.  I did find that the newer bioperl PPM (v. 1.5) didn't show  
> up when I last used the command-line PPM for ActivePerl 5.8.817, so  
> maybe package.lst needs to be updated.
> We can probably leave the PPM related stuff for now.  I'm not sure  
> whether anyone would be interested in having access to the older ones  
> but we could probably make them available in the sub directory with a  
> modified package.lst.
> We'll try getting a PPM for Windows for the next developer release  
> and add it then.
> Chris
> On Sep 16, 2006, at 4:03 PM, Nathan S. Haigh wrote:
>> Mauricio Herrera Cuadra wrote:
>>> Chris,
>>> I've done the initial moves and created new signature files for each
>>> directory. Currently I've doubts on what to do with the following  
>>> files:
>>> - Bioperl.ppd            (what does this stands for?)
>>> - GD-SVG-0.25-ppm.tar.gz (where does this came from?)
>>> - GD-SVG.ppd             (where does this came from?)
>>> - bioperl-1.5-ppm.tar.gz (1.5.0 or 1.5.1 release?)
>>> - package.lst            (still in use? needs updating? be  
>>> splitted into
>>>                            corresponding subdirectories?)
>>> Cheers,
>>> Mauricio.
>> Bioperl.ppd and bioperl-1.5-ppm.tar.gz are the files required for  
>> users
>> wishing to install Bioperl 1.5 via ppm (i.e. mainly windows users).  
>> The
>> same is true for GD-SVG* files which allow these users to install this
>> module which if i remember correctly is required by  
>> Bio::Graphics::*. If
>> i do remember correctly, this package wasn't available in any of the
>> standard ppm repositories so was created just for the windows ppm  
>> users.
>> They should probably be kept where they are at least until newer
>> releases are created for these two modules.
>> I think package.lst is required by the ppm software to identify the
>> packages in the current directory/repository. This should be  
>> updated to
>> contain only those packages in the same directory as this file. A new
>> one then probably needs to be created for the old_releases directory.
>> Someone may have a better idea of this, especially since ActiveState
>> have been updating the ppm software etc, so feel free to correct me if
>> needs be!
>> Cheers
>> Nathan
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